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Why do companies need an airline broker?

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The aviation industry is one of the most complex. Companies are constantly opening, closing or changing their fleets and the rules to which air operations are subject are also many and changing. If you rent a flight on an occasional basis, you will hardly be aware of what is going on in the market, with the risks that this entails. How do companies hedge against these uncertainties? Is there a broker who provides this type of service?

An aviation broker is an aviation expert with the knowledge, resources and contacts to provide solutions that best meet your operational needs and budget.

Companies that need to move their employees to their workplaces are looking for alternative solutions to commercial flights in order to be able to continue their activities. This is why they need an airline broker that allows them to access these charters or tailor-made flights more easily. The relationship between companies and air brokers is based on the fact that the latter are the best allies when it comes to facilitating transport. Both nationally and internationally, the use of these services is commonplace. 


These flights offer companies the possibility of having complete control over the logistics of their employees, allowing them: 

  • Have complete flexibility of dates and times. 

  • Have the possibility of connecting with commercial flights or arriving directly to destinations that are difficult to reach, since when you rent a private plane you will be the one who chooses the itinerary, so you will be able to create routes that regular flights do not offer. 

  • Save time by avoiding delays and inconveniences commonly associated with commercial aviation, plus your employees will all travel together to their final destination, reducing your time in transit, as well as offering greater security by creating an environment where only your employees travel.  

  • Customise the aircraft to maintain the corporate atmosphere and take your employees and your brand where you want them to go. 

  • The number of seats varies depending on the type of private jet booked. As a general rule, light private jets can carry up to 6 passengers, medium private jets up to 10 passengers and heavy private jets up to 18 passengers, you can find more information about the category of aircraft we have available in the following blog.

This is why chartering a tailor-made flight is the perfect option whether you need to reach locations that are difficult to access, need to create a specific route that you will repeat over time, or if you are faced with an urgent or emergency situation, or need to prepare a plan for when such a situation may arise and commercial airline services cannot meet the logistical requirements of your company or one of your projects.  

At Europair we can meet all of these needs, regardless of the complexity, we will help you find the best option for your logistical employee transport needs.  

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the sector and our extensive experience with companies from various sectors such as automotive, oil & gas, engineering and construction, military, governmental organisations, public sector companies, as well as sports teams of all kinds, financial and pharmaceutical companies and many others... 

We can offer you the perfect aircraft for your needs, plus a unique experience as you will be advised by one of our experts throughout the process. From the beginning to understand your needs and offer you the ideal option to the end of the flight so that everything goes according to plan.  

From Europair we are at your service to bring you closer to the world of private aviation and charter flights, we will advise you throughout the process, answer all your questions, and find the best type of aircraft according to your needs.

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