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Why continue business travel?

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Why continue business travel?

As a result of the pandemic, businesses have undergone a major transformation that has led them to readapt to the current situation.

The fact of not being able to have personal contact has greatly affected the way of doing business and related activities such as tradeshows, conferences, events, etc., which have come to be carried out through digital platforms.

But can we delegate everything to technology? Is this human contact no longer necessary?

Data from a study conducted by Collinson in 2021, regarding the return of air travel, and especially corporate travel, shows the importance of business travel and how the lack of human interaction has impacted the operations of many businesses. The study indicates that 4 out of 5 business travelers claim to have seen a negative impact on their business due to the lack of mobility and travel caused by COVID19.

Another study, in this case, conducted by Deloitte, also points out that the inability to have that face-to-face interaction has put a strain on the proper development of many businesses since there are certain activities for which face-to-face contact cannot or should not be substituted by an online contact.

Keeping this in mind, and because of the apparent relief of the situation regarding the pandemic, many companies are eager to resume their activity as close as possible to pre-pandemic times, estimating a recovery that will start to be more noticeable as of 2022.

In conclusion, flying again is crucial for the activity of many companies, which have seen their activity affected by the lack of this personal interaction, since, as the Deloitte study indicates, certain things cannot be done through a screen.

However, the fact that companies are willing to fly again and maintain those personal relationships, does not make them forget the situation in which we are immersed, the technological changes, and especially the savings caused by this reduction or elimination of travel as a result of the pandemic.

Therefore, companies will travel again, but they will be very conscious on how to do it, perhaps looking for other types of different solutions that will allow them to make their travels more efficient, save hidden costs, reduce the risk of contagion and get the most out of this business trips

This is why business aviation is the perfect alternative to make these business trips more efficient, increase the productivity of travelers and improve their activity by having that personal contact they have been missing so much.

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