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What is private aviation?

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Private aviation is the alternative to traditional or scheduled flights, which most people are used to.

These flights are available to companies, travel agencies, tour operators, cruise passengers, individuals, and in general to any person or company that may have a specific transport need.

This kind of aviation offers a wide variety of aircraft options, from private jets to commercial planes with many seats to cover the needs of both individuals and large companies or travel agencies.

Private aviation is used for:

- Transport of fans to a sporting event (e.g. the Champions League final).

- Private travel with the family.

- Product launches (e.g. presentation of a new car model to a group of automotive journalists).

- Incentive trip or bonus for meeting targets (e.g. invitation to the top 100 salespeople).

- Holding of a general shareholders' meeting (a flight is chartered to transport attendees to the city where the meeting is to be held).

- Transport of the members of an orchestra and their instruments.

- Transport of football, basketball, and other sports teams.

- Attendance of a group to a specific celebration (e.g. trip to Rome for sanctification).

- Sales meetings.

- Attendance at congresses or conventions.

- Transport of a musical group and its equipment for the duration of a tour.

- Transport of troops, medical or humanitarian aid personnel.

- Transport of a group on a study trip.

- Special flights for holiday reasons (long weekends, Christmas, Easter, etc.), where the demand for seats exceeds the regular airline supply.

- Group of executives on inspection trips.

- Transfer of artists offering two shows in two different cities on the same day.

- Repatriation of injured or deceased persons.

- Transport of personnel on urgent diplomatic missions.

Although private aviation is something that in the past was reserved only for a few who owned their own aircraft, the truth is that today it is a solution that is widely used by the public thanks to the charter or tailor-made flights market, where numerous alternatives are available to passengers for their trips.

The main characteristics of private aviation are flexibility and personalization of service. This type of aviation, unlike traditional flights, is not conditioned by the schedules or routes on which the airlines operate but is totally flexible to the needs of its clients, who can choose the route and schedules they wish.

In addition, the health crisis has led to an increase in the use of this type of flight, which is characterized by the exclusivity that allows travel in small groups far from the massification of commercial aviation in a context in which it is important to avoid contact in order to stay away from contagion thanks to custom-designed trips.

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