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What is executive aviation?

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What is executive aviation?

Executive or business aviation is a type of private aviation that refers to those non-scheduled flights especially aimed at companies or individuals who value time flexibility and service customization, being able to enjoy the exclusive treatment, and having at their disposal a larger network of destinations than with scheduled flights.

Due to its own characteristics, it is the ideal way of transportation for customers or passengers who cannot resign themselves to the disadvantages of commercial aviation, such as crowds at boarding time, delays, cancellations, and the strict schedules set by the companies.

This type of private aviation is on the rise in times of pandemic because it reduces contact with strangers by having its dedicated terminals, fast security controls and therefore generates a lower probability of contagion.

According to data from the EBAA, European Business Aviation Association, business aviation has suffered much less the consequences of the pandemic, reaching in July this year higher growth figures than in the previous two years with a 29% growth compared to July 2020 and 12% compared to July 2019, when there was still no pandemic. Finding Spain within the top 5 countries with the highest flow of operations of both incoming and outgoing private flights during this summer.

This data is expected to continue to improve with the return of the business travel season, especially since Spain has a lot of room for growth in this segment.

This great recovery can be explained in part because it has been the instrument used when commercial aviation was not available, and in large part, because the users who have tried and experienced the benefits of this service, have opted for this type of flight and do not wish to return to commercial flights.

Unlike commercial aviation, private aviation makes available to its customers a wide variety of aircraft of all types, sizes and with different cabin configurations to suit any type of need. This recovery we are talking about has manifested itself mainly in the use of entry-level jets, turboprops, and light jets (Cessna Citation, HondaJet, Embraer...), a class of private jets with a smaller passenger capacity and less autonomy, but which are the most profitable option for regional trips.

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