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Private jet, luxury or high-value tool?


Private jet, luxury or high-value tool?

We have polled the Europair audience with this same question, and although the answers are divided, we can say that the winning idea is that the private plane or private jet is merely a luxury.

In this article we will discuss why we believe it is much more than pure luxury.

There is an association of the private jet with large fortunes, the extravagances of celebrities and in general it is seen as something reserved for the very few. And although this has been the case for a long time, nowadays it is widespread solution, thanks to brokers such as Europair and the charter or tailor-made flights market, where passengers have many alternatives for their trips.

This does not mean that private aviation is for everyone and for all kinds of trips, since there are still efficient and cheaper alternatives, however, the availability and visibility of this type of aviation is booming and there are many who have decided to change their first-class commercial flights for private jet flights, due to the flexibility and personalization of the service. Unlike traditional flights, it is not conditioned by the schedules or routes on which the airlines operate but are totally flexible to the needs of their customers, who can choose the route and schedules they want.

In addition, the health crisis has led to an increase in the use of this type of aviation, which is characterized by the safety and exclusivity offered by traveling in small groups, far from the massification of commercial aviation in a context in which it is important to avoid contact in order to avoid contagion thanks to custom-designed trips.

High-value tool

Private aviation can be the perfect tool for a variety of situations: 

  • There are no connections or direct flights to the final destination.
  • I have specific mobility needs due to medical or personal conditions.
  • I have a busy schedule and need to optimize my days to the maximum in order to conciliate work and family.
  • Companies with interests in places with difficult access, or located outside the big capitals that need to move from place to place, save as much time as possible and avoid hidden costs such as other transportations, time, overnight stays, food expenses...
  • I can't afford delays or cancellations; I need 0 failures in the management of my transport.
  • I have to make a last-minute trip, and I find it difficult to find the correct scheduled flight combination.

As we can see, private aviation emerges to help those people who, due to their characteristics or needs, cannot depend on the inconveniences or limitations of commercial aviation.

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