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The "new" summer of 2022

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The "new" summer of 2022

Summer is just around the corner, and many are already preparing for their holidays well in advance; in order to be able to enjoy it as they have not been able to in the previous two summers due to the pandemic situation. According to estimates by Albert Grau, partner and co-director of Cushman & Wakefield Hospitality, this augurs a perfect summer and believe that it is set to become the year of the "normalisation" of tourism in Spain.

In line with the above, a report by the consultancy Braintrust has predicted that Spain could reach international tourist figures close to those recorded before the pandemic (2019). The report estimated an exponential increase in foreign tourists in the coming months, from November 2021 to April 2022.

According to the consultancy firm's data, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany would be the countries most involved in this recovery of tourism in the first months of 2022 in Spain, with British tourism being the main driver for the consecutive months.

Finally, the founder and CEO of Pangea, David Hernández, is optimistic about the evolution of the travel agency in the first four months of the year where they have exceeded the number of bookings by 50% compared to the levels of 2019. As for his forecasts: "Our forecasts are completely optimistic for the summer. There is pent-up demand that is exploding right now. Everyone on the planet has been cooped up for two years and we've got a crazy wanderlust. I think it's going to be spectacular, both in Spain's outbound and inbound, where occupancy levels are going to be close to 100%.

However, how is this going to affect airports and airspace?

The image of deserted airports that we have already left behind could be replaced this summer by endless queues, cancellations, delays, strikes, congested airspace... A situation that, believe it or not, was experienced before Covid-19 at airports such as El Prat and that we are condemned to repeat at a time of airline recovery if measures are not taken to avoid it. 

A first warning: this Easter more than 3,000 people missed their connection at Madrid-Barajas airport alone due to long waits at border filters, according to the Airline Association (ALA).

In addition, this will be the first summer with a passport control requirement for the UK. It is Spain's main source of tourists and a large influx of Britons is expected this summer, as mentioned above. 

Because of this situation, private air travel is a fantastic solution. It is faster, independent, allows you to reach more destinations without long stopovers and also adapts to your needs, both in terms of timetables, itinerary and personalised treatment both onboard and in the dedicated terminals where you will hardly have to wait in queues or go through endless security checks.

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