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How to charter a private jet for groups?

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Due to the fact that lately there are many new users of private aviation, we have decided to create a guide to explain step by step how the process of chartering a private jet works. 

If you have decided to charter a private flight, let us congratulate you and inform you that thanks to this decision you will be able to forget about long waits at the airport before your departure, long and crowded security checks, exhausting transfers in terminals that are not even on the way to your destination, or the typical delays and cancellations.  

With that being said, we will proceed to explain how the process of chartering a private jet with Europair actually works, and in case you have any further questions or would like personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact us at +34913952026. 


Step 1: Request  


When it comes to chartering a private flight, you will have complete flexibility when designing it, therefore, the more details you provide us with, the better solutions we will be able to provide you with. 

Some of the data we usually ask our clients for are:  

Passengers: Number, profile, and expectations of travelers. 

Please specify if there are children. 

Dates: One way or round trip? Do you have flexibility? 

Route: Origin/destination. If there are several airports in the same city, do you have a preference? 

Schedules: Knowing the required schedules will allow us to verify the airport's opening hours and ensure that the operation complies with the crew's time constraints. 

Connections: Will the passengers be connecting to a scheduled flight? 

Special baggage: Do they plan to carry special or oversized baggage? This information is very important to verify the capacity of the aircraft hold.  

Preferences: Do you have any preference regarding the type of aircraft? 

Additional information: Please indicate any special needs you foresee regarding infants, children, passengers with reduced mobility, unaccompanied minors, weapons, pet transportation, catering preferences or needs, etc. 

This request can be made through our web form here (web form link) or if you prefer, contact us at or +34913952026. 

The request is completely free and with no commitment, our team will be happy to understand your needs and happy to offer you the best option available. 


Step 2: Choice 


Once you have given us all the details of your request, our team will work to provide you with a range of options to suit your requirements. Each quote will depend on a number of factors both at the level of the client's requests and related to the flight operation itself, see how much does it cost to charter a private jet? (link to that article)  

Our team will follow up on the quotation and help you choose the most suitable combination of aircraft, routes, airports, and airlines to best suit the passengers' needs. 

Once you inform us of your interest in booking, we will check the availability of the aircraft and negotiate the terms of the contract with the operator. If the aircraft is still available, we will make a firm reservation and issue a contract with all the information regarding the flight and the agreed services. 


Step 3: Flight preparation 


Once the booking is formalized, you will be assigned a member of our operations team who will be in charge of customizing and preparing the flight. 

Most European airports are subject to slot coordination (the authorization for a take-off or landing). Our staff will work to obtain all schedule confirmations as soon as possible.   

In general, we can provide a wide range of additional services such as tailor-made catering, Meet & Greet service, airport transfers and much more, to provide passengers with a completely personalized flying experience.  

Finally, we will provide you with a document we call "protocol" that will include a description of the agreed services and all the information you will need on the day of the flight (route, schedule, airport terminals, latest check-in time, in-flight service, special services, contact details, etc.). 


Step 4: The day of the flight 


On the day of the flight, our operations team will make sure everything goes as planned. Our agents will be in constant contact with the airline and with you to provide you with real-time monitoring of all aspects of the flight.  

Our team has access to Air Traffic Control systems which allows them to anticipate and mitigate any possible unforeseen events or mitigate any possible setbacks related to the contracted services. 

We recommend arriving about 20 minutes before take-off time. Private jet passengers will access a specific VIP terminal (*), will be escorted to the aircraft and will receive a fully personalized service.  

Our Operations Team will keep you informed of the aircraft's movements and, once the flight is over, will send you a report with all the relevant information. 


(*) In those cases in which the facilities allow it. 


From Europair we are at your service to bring you closer to the world of private aviation, we will advise you throughout the process, answer all your questions, and find the best type of aircraft according to your needs.

Are you planning to book a private jet for a group flight?

Get an instant price estimate on our private jet page, contact us at or call +34913952025.