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How aircraft design will change in the next 10 years

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How aircraft design will change in the next 10 years

The world of aviation is constantly changing, and the next ten years could bring significant changes to the entire aviation experience.

What changes in aircraft design can we expect in the next decade?

Autonomous flights

Autopilot is a term that has been around in the English language for a long time. We all accept the fact that most of our flying is done by technology and not an actual pilot.

The technology is almost ready for autonomous flight. It remains to be seen whether we will see normal autonomous aircraft in the next ten years.The reason to apply? Very high monetary savings for companies in the industry.


Security is a growing concern, but increased security usually leads to delays and a poor customer experience if these are too extensive.

Despite this, biometrics may be the answer, as there are several trials underway with facial recognition and fingerprints to speed up the process without compromising our security.

Connectivity and entertainment

We are used to being a connected society with 24-hour Internet access. The only exception to this is flying.

During the flight, Wi-Fi will become the norm, and the days of having to turn off your mobile device will be a thing of the past. However, being able to choose your own entertainment, rather than choosing from the limited options offered by the airline, will be a big step forward that will enhance the in-flight customer experience. In turn, the entry of 5G will be the biggest change travellers will experience, as they will be able to make calls to friends or loved ones, or conduct an online meeting with their computer mid-flight.

Electric airplanes

The increased use of aviation has created very real environmental concerns, but electric planes may be the answer. Several companies are currently working on electric aircraft projects. With huge fuel savings, as well as a positive impact on the environment, it is difficult to see the drawbacks.

A possible added benefit could be the return of supersonic flight. Something not seen in passenger airlines since the downfall of Concorde in 2000. 

You can find more information about electric aircraft in the following blog.

Automation and augmented reality at airports.

Anyone who has flown recently will have noticed how technology has changed the way we check in online, with self-service bag drop and even robotic greetings at some airports.

Over the next ten years, these technological innovations are expected to continue to be applied at airports. The passenger will do most of the pre-flight process automatonically, never speaking to a human.

Augmented reality will become commonplace and users will be able to choose their native language and navigate the airport. Getting information about stores, restaurants, businesses and their distance to the gate, all in real time and superimposed on what they see.


Security will always be an issue and its impact on us is constantly changing.

Drones are becoming increasingly popular with the public. However, aviation authorities have yet to figure out how to prevent their use in the face of a terrorist attack.

Cybersecurity has been very popular in the news lately. Although there have been no known hacks of terminals yet, airlines have a lot of work to do to ensure that their aircraft infrastructure cannot be hacked and is not vulnerable to computer failures.


Heathrow's third runway has been in the news recently. However, the expansion of London's main airport is nothing compared to the development of airports such as those in China.Entire cities are springing up around airports, rather than airports serving large cities. This has a direct consequence on the lives of citizens, as there will be more opportunities to find an airport near their cities.

Demand is expected to skyrocket, and as no one stops loving air travel, the future of aeronautical design is exciting and growing at breakneck speed.

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