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Global 8000

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In the last edition of EBACE 2022 that took place in Geneva, after two years of a break due to the pandemic, the aircraft manufacturer Bombardier took the opportunity to return on a high note and announce to the world of private aviation its new model of aircraft that will bring to market in 2025, the Global 8000, which will revolutionize the business aviation industry being the fastest private jet in the industry reaching speeds of 0. 94 Mach (around 1100km/h), and with a range never seen before in the industry, as it will be able to lead the industry in this aspect as well, being able to reach 8000 nautical miles.  

In addition, this new model also includes new improvements that will help it position itself as the best business jet in the industry, as this new aircraft is designed with a smooth flex wing for maximum control and agility for all speeds offering its pilots and passengers a smoother ride. 

Another remarkable feature that the manufacturer points out is that this model will present the healthiest cabin in the industry, and it will do so thanks to the inclusion of improvements such as its advanced air filtering technology, its renewed lighting system, and by creating the cabin with the lowest altitude in the market as well as the inclusion of Nuage seats, in which the lumbar pressure is reduced thanks to the "zero gravity" position. All this so that its occupants can arrive rested and refreshed at their final destination.  

We introduce the Global 8000 

With this new model, the Canadian manufacturer intends to maintain the quality and exclusivity standards of all its models and position itself as the creator of the best business jet seen so far with speeds that play with the speed of sound and a range never seen before, ideal to meet the main objective of this type of aircraft, to bring its customers to their final destination in the shortest possible time in an exclusive environment where they can continue with their day to day activities. 

Although we will have to wait until 2025 to enjoy this aircraft, from Europair we are at your service to bring you closer to the world of private aviation, we will advise you throughout the process, we will answer all your questions, and we will find the best type of aircraft according to your needs.    

Maybe, for now, we can get you a Bombardier Global 7500 so you can see what it feels like to travel in the pre-Global 8000 version.   

Get an instant price estimate on our private flights' page, contact us at or call +34913952025. 

PS: for those who are more curious, here is a guide to the Global 8000