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Electric planes, the future of aviation? Bye eFlyer 800, this is the new electric plane from Bye Aerospace

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The electric era is not only for electric cars or land transport, but has come to conquer both the sky and the sea and here we have an example with the new electric turboprop plane Bye eFlyer 800 with capacity for 8 people, short distance flights and solar energy charging capacity.

This type of small-sized aircraft is intended for short trips as a private plane, charter flight or freight transport. It is estimated that its range of action will be about two hours of flight, approximately 900 kilometres, and it can reach an average speed of 590km/h. But we have already told you that this aircraft is special.

First of all, its efficiency and considerable cost savings in flight, according to the manufacturer, Bye Aerospace, which claims that the operating costs of the Bye eFlyer 800 are one-fifth of those of traditional turboprop aircraft.

But there are other features that will surprise you:

In essence, the Bye eFlyer 800 will have the option of mounting photovoltaic panels on its structure, i.e. on its wings. This will allow it to charge its batteries thanks to the sun's energy. It is true that on this point it is more than questionable how efficient it will be and whether it is really worth it, as the energy obtained from the sun is insufficient to keep the plane in the air on its own, only a few extra kilometres of autonomy will be obtained.

Another interesting point of the Bye eFlyer 800 is the possibility of mounting an electric motor on its landing gear and behaving on the ground as if it were a car. This option will also allow the plane to take off faster, as the electric motor will offer all its power to the wheels to move it along the runway. Other announced features include a cruise speed of 320 knots and a maximum altitude range of 35,000 feet.

The eFlyer 800 also features several safety systems such as an automatic emergency landing system and a parachute for the aircraft. On 8 March 2021 Aviation Safety Resources successfully completed the first parachute recovery test for the eFlyer 2 aircraft, a 2-seater developed by Bye Aerospace. The 8-seat eFlyer 800 consists of up to 7 passengers and one or two pilots. The aircraft's operating costs are one-fifth of those that traditionally apply to twin-engine aircraft of its type, according to the manufacturer.

The transition to electric engines in the aviation sector is a big challenge for manufacturers and will be a big topic of discussion in the coming years. What do you think about this type of aircraft? What are the minimum levels of pollution that can be achieved?

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