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Air Nostrum will become the first user of the Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander 10 airship. 

You probably know the famous Zeppelins from films, news or photographs, but... 

Can you imagine travelling from the centre of Barcelona to the centre of Palma de Mallorca in 4 hours and 32 minutes? This is the promise of Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV).

There was a time when zeppelins or airships took to the skies carrying people and goods. But after the crash of the Hindenburg in 1937, confidence in these airships waned, until they disappeared from the airscape altogether. However, a British company is determined to rescue airships from oblivion and make them one of the least CO2-emitting means of passenger air transport by 2025. 

Which company will be in charge of marketing this type of flight?

The Spanish company Air Nostrum will be in charge of operating commercial routes with this type of transport almost 85 years after the last airship route.

HAV currently estimates that the first examples could enter service in 2026, which would mean that the Airlander 10 would have to be certified by the end of 2025 or early 2026. Air Nostrum would take delivery of its airships, under operating lease, between 2026 and 2031.

What is the reason for this commitment?

Mainly for two reasons: Restriction of domestic and short-haul flights and Sustainability.

For HAV, the decision of many European countries to at least restrict domestic and short-haul flights opens up new possibilities for its airship. 

Air Nostrum, in what it describes as its path towards sustainability and decarbonisation of air transport and improved environmental protection, has signed a letter of intent with the British group Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) to add up to 10 Airlander 10 airships to its fleet.

According to HAV, the Airlander 10 will emit 90 per cent less CO2 than alternative means of transport due to its low fuel consumption and evolve to be zero-emission by 2030.

For Air Nostrum, "versatility and sustainability are the great assets of the British company HAV's aircraft. Its use can be adapted to the specific needs of each destination, as the Airlander 10 will be able to land on any reasonably flat surface, both on land and on water. Moreover, given its ability to take off and land in confined spaces, the Airlander 10 can be the perfect mobility alternative for air transport in cities that do not have airport facilities and on islands".

Carlos Bertomeu, president of Air Nostrum, added: "We explore all avenues to reduce our carbon footprint. The Airlander 10 will drastically lower emissions and that is why we have reached this agreement with HAV. Sustainability, fortunately for all of us, is already a fact of life in everyday commercial aviation and agreements like this are an effective way to achieve the decarbonisation targets set out in the 'Fit for 55' legislative initiative".

What is the maximum speed, number of passengers and range?

The Airlander 10 will fly at a maximum speed of 130 km/h, with a range of 7,400 km, with up to 100 passengers or 10 tonnes of cargo. According to HAV, the Airlander 10 will be able to stay aloft for up to 5 days and will be able to fly at a maximum altitude of 20,000 ft.

Finally, in addition to the Airlander 10, HAV is working on the Airlander 50 for 50 tons of cargo and 48 passengers, or 200 passengers. By 2033 they estimate that they could have an Airlander 50 with electric motors "which would reduce CO2 emissions by 1.15 kg per tonne of cargo per kilometre compared to a conventional aircraft".

This is further evidence of how the aviation industry continues to change and how it aims to reverse and reduce the emissions generated on its journeys. The transition to a more sustainable industry is more alive than ever and it is projects like this that enrich air transport. 

Although we will have to wait until 2026 to be able to enjoy this  luxury airship, at Europair we are at your service to bring you closer to the world of private aviation, we will advise you throughout the process, answer all your questions, and find the best type of aeroplane according to your needs.  

Although we do not include this type of transport in our aircraft guide, at Europair we celebrate this type of aviation initiatives and the achievement of sustainable objectives within the industry.

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